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The staff with their nutrition knowledge, their encouragement, and support to meet your fitness/health/weight goals is great here! . You know you are accountable for making the "needle" move (or in this case BMI, Weight, Skeletal Muscle Mass etc) but Copare supports you in your journey to get there. There is e no-shaming if you fall off track for a bit which is huge. Appreciate the Copare Team at the Alexandria location!

Jackie W.

Super friendly and accommodating staff

Jeff Kralik

I first heard about the program on 96.5 ESPN radio in Philadelphia and started doing it about 2 weeks ago. So far I really like it. I’m losing fat in the right places and feel great.
The provided breakfasts, snacks and lunches aren’t bad to my taste but if you don’t like them you can cook for yourself based on a provided list approved foods and ingredients. I prefer the simplicity of the food provided. You will always make your own dinners either way.
The most helpful thing for me is the weekly weigh-ins and checkins with your coach. This is arguably the best and most important part of the program as they will help keep you on track, which is hard to do on your own sometimes.
It’s not a cheap program but worth it in my opinion, especially since we’re talking about my health.

Tom Cobb

Sadie at Tyson’s has been a friendly, knowledgeable source of encouragement for the last four months. I’m halfway to my goal thanks to her steady guidance and the program, which works great! The focus on the lifelong, healthy goals is exactly what my husband and I were looking for!

Pamela Rogers

I have been with Copare (formerly EMP 180) for quite some time and really enjoy both the program and the results. While the entire the team at the Tyson’s location is great, Delaney who I work with each week is so supportive and also challenges me to get to the next level. This is not a gimmicky weight loss program. It’s a program that teaches nutrition and discipline so that once you reach your goal, you can stick with it going forward.

Declan Leonard

I graduated today... From Copare Health in Potomac, MD.

I have lost 41 pounds. I'm down 4 dress sizes. I went from 42.8 to 28.5 Body Fat Percent in 4.5 months.

I feel awesome! I feel healthy and I am so happy to be able to set an example for my kiddos. There is no magic in the program. There is education and guidance and tools. And once you graduate, they are there to help you maintain. Losing the weight is hard, but keeping it off, is harder... And so now the really hard part begins. But my toolbox is full and I am ready.

Thank you to the Potomac location (Kim, Carla, and Jane) for the support and encouragement. I finally feel equipped to maintain this healthy lifestyle. ❤️❤️❤️

Rebecca Hunter

I thoroughly recommend joining Copare. Serena and Carla from the Rockville office are super knowledgeable on all aspects of nutrition and an absolute pleasure to work with.

For me the education on portioning and balance of nutrients ->carbs, proteins and fats have been extremely valuable in daily management. I expect the lessons I’ve learned to provide dividends for the rest of my life.

Physical fitness has always been an important component of my life but proper nutrition has always been a blind spot. I decided to make this the year that I developed an understanding of what my body needs and Copare has put me on the path. For me it doesn’t feel like I’m living a life of restriction. The smaller more frequent meal portions satisfy any hunger urges and the results have been unbelievable. If you follow their recommendations and are dedicated to change, this program will deliver for you. It’s a true partnership and they will help you every step of the way.

Charles von Bocker

Great program and coaches. Not difficult to keep on track and real results.

Rob Buhrman

The team at Ashburn is more than just my coaches and weight-loss guides, they are people I most look forward to seeing before my weigh-in. No matter my performance during the week, lost weight, gained weight, they are there for me and get me motivated for the following to come. Vance and Raechel, my coaches, are fantastic. They hear me and know how to get the best out of me each week. The rest of the team, Connie, Eloisa, and Leslie make me feel like I am their only client. I just wish I started this years ago. Thanks Ashburn Copare, I never expected this great experience.

James Vollmers

CoPare is the BEST! I’m losing weight in a healthy way with help by my CoPare Coach Danielle. I’m so psyched! Thanks CoPare!

Dawn Mendte

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