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they have been super helpful, to teach me to understand what my body wants and what it needs to get to a healthy weight.. the people are just awesome.. you could never go wrong

Richard Cornwell

Without this program I would still be overweight, tired and feeling useless. Danielle is my rockstar!! 23 pounds down with 7 more to go. This program might take a hit to your wallet BUT it is worth every penny. The coaches are wonderful and are available anytime you need them.


The Copare experience not only met my expectations, but exceeded them with highly professional attention, advice, and follow-up. The program is tailored to meet your individual goals with weekly sessions and sophisticated equipment to measure progress. I highly recommend the program to those serious about losing weight safely with continuous personal and professional guidance.

t c

this was a great experience and successful. I lost the goal weight and graduated. the process is easy to follow and the team is inspiring and supporting, always positive! this is exactly what i needed.

Sean Porter

It's been a year since I joined the program in January of 2021. By August 2021, I had reached my target weight, losing a total of 68lbs. But Copare didn't drop me there. They prepared a maintenance plan for me and kept receiving me for follow up meetings free of additional charge.

I have been able to maintain my healthy weight and increased energy for over 5 months now. My coach, Raechel, is awesome and so is every other coach with whom I have spoken. Great team!

Edgar Trujillo

Carla and Kim (along with the rest of the team) were instrumental in my success. I literally could not have done it without their encouragement and knowledge. They held me accountable in a professional, yet effective manner. I’m not wild about the food, but quickly learned how to navigate the choices and to use « real » food to round out my diet. They are helping me lose those last few pounds and I know will be there as I work to maintain the weight loss.

Jennifer Hughes

Cōpare gives you tools plus excellent counseling to achieve not only weight loss but an improved mind set. They guide you and always are there to answer questions and find new ways to make this a positive and life-changing experience. So grateful to the staff, especially Serena, David and Diana. They gave me so much valuable information to make my weight loss journey manageable. I highly recommend Cōpare.

Diane Vollberg

Cōpare is not a diet it is a life style. It has helped me and my family learn to eat and stay health. My new life style makes me feel alert and energized. I'm more focused and my skin looks great! Thank you Traci ( my coach) for helping me on this journey!

Mandy Flores

Great staff, well educated, super friendly and supportive. If you’re wanting to lose weight and are willing to be disciplined then this is the place for you. I cannot recommend Cōpare enough!

John Knox Proctor

If your looking for a weight loss clinic to help you lose weight, this is the place. I researched a lot of places and settled on Cōpare. I’m going to the Rockville location. I love the fact that you meet with a registered dietitian! The people at the Rockville location are outstanding!! They are incredibly professional and very knowledgeable. Supportive and just really kind people. It’s a bit of a distance for me to travel to this location; but I don’t mind it one bit, because I really enjoy meeting with the Cōpare staff. I’ve learned so much on how to eat the right way. It’s becoming a lifestyle change. Which is what I was looking for in a diet. How to change habits. Thank you Cōpare!!

Tricia Adelsberger

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