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Cōpare gives you tools plus excellent counseling to achieve not only weight loss but an improved mind set. They guide you and always are there to answer questions and find new ways to make this a positive and life-changing experience. So grateful to the staff, especially Serena, David and Diana. They gave me so much valuable information to make my weight loss journey manageable. I highly recommend Cōpare.

Diane Vollberg

Cōpare is not a diet it is a life style. It has helped me and my family learn to eat and stay health. My new life style makes me feel alert and energized. I'm more focused and my skin looks great! Thank you Traci ( my coach) for helping me on this journey!

Mandy Flores

Great staff, well educated, super friendly and supportive. If you’re wanting to lose weight and are willing to be disciplined then this is the place for you. I cannot recommend Cōpare enough!

John Knox Proctor

If your looking for a weight loss clinic to help you lose weight, this is the place. I researched a lot of places and settled on Cōpare. I’m going to the Rockville location. I love the fact that you meet with a registered dietitian! The people at the Rockville location are outstanding!! They are incredibly professional and very knowledgeable. Supportive and just really kind people. It’s a bit of a distance for me to travel to this location; but I don’t mind it one bit, because I really enjoy meeting with the Cōpare staff. I’ve learned so much on how to eat the right way. It’s becoming a lifestyle change. Which is what I was looking for in a diet. How to change habits. Thank you Cōpare!!

Tricia Adelsberger

I lost over 50 pounds using this program, and my BMI is under 30 for the first time in like 20 years. I found it very easy to follow, especially with all the food they supply. The BEST part of this system is the staff. They are friendly and exceedingly knowledgeable, They don't beat you up if you slip, they just help you figure out how you could do better next time! Absolutely zero regrets in picking Cōpare to help me lose the pandemic weight, and then some!

Terry Drosdak

I learned of Cōpare through an ad on WMAL back in April. I decided I was done with my weight fluctuations, over the past 10 years and wanted to get to the bottom of how to make lasting changes, as I am 61 years of age and completely aware of the disease process, which tends to set in as we age. As a proponent of anti-aging medicine I had had numerous tests done all with amazing results and stats, except for my weight.

Jane is an incredible counselor and coach as she explained all the details behind healthy weight reduction and maintenance. More importantly I learned the behavioral habits which can sabotage your ability to eat correctly and be consistent.

I highly recommend Cōpare for weight reduction and health maintenance. By the way, I was able to achieve my results on the whole food plan, which is wonderful since that is the program I attend to use moving forward. Thanks Jane!

Stephanie Harris

I started the program back in February and have already lost 45 pounds! I'm super happy with my results! They have been very supportive during my journey. Even when I had an off week, they would discuss changes for the upcoming week.

I look and feel better! Thank you so much Vanessa and the Cōpare staff for helping me become a healthier and better person!!

Anna Billings

Nancy Danos here! It works and is easy to follow and you won't be hungry! I have struggled with weight loss all my life, l am ever so happy that I finally ( I'm in my 60's. ) found something that works. After listening to Reada Kessler, the traffic reporter on WTOP, speak of her weight loss success with Cōpare on the radio for a few months, I decided to go for a consultation. I decided to sign up for the minimal time period which is 6 weeks as a trial test to see if the program would work for me. Yes, it is not cheap. I had a small life insurance policy which I cashed in to cover the 6 weeks. People say that life insurance is really death insurance, but let me say that i believe my life is now fuller, more enjoyable, healthier, and will be extended due to this way of eating; thus, it truly was life insurance well spent! My husband, who was skeptical, now says that it was soooo worth it! He says that not only has the program been responsible for my weight loss success, but it has truly changed my life! I have Type 2 Diabetes, congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, and fatty liver disease. I started the program November 2020 , weighing in at 179 lb. Here it is the end of August 2021, and I now weigh 128 lb.! One health factor that most concerned me was my visceral fat reading which was at least 20 when it shouldn't be higher than 10. At my weekly body analyses, I was so encouraged as this number went down, down, down to 9! Now I no longer have fatty liver disease! My heart, diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol meds have been reduced! I am in Week 28 of following the program. Before my 6 week trial time was up, I asked Coach David, to help me transition to eating regular food, adhering to the Cōpare plan, which is what I've been doing since Week 7 going forward. If this works for me, it will work for anyone! You will not cheat because you simply will not be hungry. Throughout the day, I actually need to set alarms so I don't... read more

N Tg

I have been following the Cōpare program for three months. In that time I have lost 28 pounds, but more importantly I've regained my self-confidence and energy. Honestly, this is no time to leave your health up to chance. My family has experienced several difficult diagnoses over the past year. If there is something I can do to lessen the chances of having a serious health issue, how could I say no? I just didn't have the tools to make it happen on my own.
My Cōpare coach has provided me everything I need, including accountability. As I prepare to transition to maintenance, I know the amazing people at Cōpare will have my back and make sure the changes I've made are permanent. There is simply no better investment to make in yourself!

Rebecca Kessler

Started Cōpare's program about a month and a half ago and have already loss over 20 pounds. They are very supportive and educational in helping me reach my goals.

I look and feel better. They've helped me regain confidence and I've even been able to get back into sports and hobbies I believed to be in the past for me. Thank you so much Traci and the Cōpare staff for helping me become a healthier and better person!!

Joshua Jones

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