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I can't say enough about the Copare office in Ashburn. Aside from the professionalism of the staff, the personal care and attention to clients is impressive and encouraging. Colleen McHale is a fantastic ambassador for Copare. Knowledgeable, prompt, flexible and beyond helpful. Not only I was able to get healthier and learn healthy behavior but also I found caring and great support in Colleen and occasionally in her absence other members of the team. Thanks for the support and accompaniment in this very challenging process!!!!

Mercedeh Izadi

After a bit of research I decided to give Copare a try and after the initial meeting I knew it was the right decision. With the direction and helpful information of my coach Leslie I had all the direction needed to be on my successful journey in reaching my goals. I have lost over 23 pounds and have learned that there are important factors like the quality and quantity of the foods that we eat will determine the outcome, also the weekly weigh-ins and conversations with Leslie provided me positive reinforcement to keep me on track. One of the best decisions that I have made, this program is well worth it!

Peter Krywyj

The dedication to our success was felt from the very first meeting. We look forward to our weekly meetings with Leslie who keeps us going with her incredible support. The program really works.

Mary Jo Potts

I first heard of Copare Health on the radio (KYW news 1060) while driving to work in Philadelphia. I was looking for help with nutrition plan rather than just a diet plan and Copare has hit the mark. Once I submitted a request for information, I received a call from Traci Azato, who just so happened to be my coach and mentor, and provided me with the background about Copare, and all the details about the program. At first I was a bit reluctant to proceed, however, after speaking with Traci Azato a second time, she had answered all my questions and I was convinced this was the right program for me. We immediately got to work developing a nutrition program based on meeting my needs, which was both medically and personally driven. My goal was set (to reach a weight of 190 lbs. in 6 weeks) and the training began. I have learned that the most important factor in weight loss (besides exercise) is the quality and quantity of food we put into our bodies. During my 6 week program, I checked in weekly with Traci who reviewed my progress and provided coaching and feedback to help me reach my goal. I have exceeded my goal in 6 weeks, losing more than 20 lbs. and continue to work with Traci to sustain the high level of nutrition for my body.

I am grateful for all the help I received from Traci Azato and am lucky to have had her as my coach and mentor. Thank you to Traci and Copare Health.

Michael Manacchio

Great assistance in learning a proper diet and sticking to it.

Benjamin S.

I first heard about the program on 96.5 ESPN radio in Philadelphia, and I’m very happy with the results. I’ve lost around 20 lbs in all the right places and feel great as a result.
The provided breakfasts, snacks and lunches aren’t bad to my taste but if you don’t like them you can cook for yourself based on a provided list approved foods and ingredients. I preferred the simplicity of the food provided at the start but eventually started doing more of my own cooking and food prep. You will always make your own dinners either way.
The most helpful thing for me was the weekly weigh-ins and checkins with my coach. She always provided positive reinforcement and nice conversation about life in general. This is arguably the best and most important part of the program as your coach will keep you on track, which is hard to do on your own sometimes.
It’s not a cheap program but worth it in my opinion, especially since we’re talking about my health. I highly recommend giving it a try!

Tom Cobb

There is no magic wand that can help you to lose weight, but correct guidance and the process of learning about your diet and listening to your body can do magic. I am so thankful To Leslie from the Ashburn location, who help me as a true Guardian; her knowledge and the way she discusses all the micro details are lessons for a life that allows me to become a new person. No words can describe my happiness, not because I lost 83 pounds but because I adapted a unique lifestyle, and credit goes to Leslie!! weight loss is not about diet, It's not about working out, It's all your mindset, and the process needs patience and continuity. I am thrilled and thankful to the Ashburn team.

Neet Kaur

Copare has been awesome. I feel great.
I’ve lost over 40lbs the food is good and my coaches taught me how to make em delicious.
I never go hungry and the copare snacks carry me through till my next meal. Carla and Serena have been very flexible with my crazy schedule,
I’ve learned so much from them I’m confident I can stay healthy… money well spent- they truly have earned my 5 stars.
Tim- Gaithersburg

Tim Wyman

Copare works. It really does. I have been on the program for about a month and have lost 10 lbs. in addition, I am gaining muscle. Of course, you have to follow the program. But it’s easy and convenient.; and the coaches are with you every step of the way. This makes a big difference in my opinion. I was hungry the first week, but that’s to be expected. After that easy peasy. No cravings, no issues. Yes, it’s pricey. But it works and my health is worth it.

Sally Rinaldi

Outstanding experience for me and my wife! We did it together and the plan works! Our coaches have been wonderful and they’ve worked with us through situations and those parts of life that don’t fit a “routine”. Basically, they help you to relax and not approach this like a diet, but as a long-term lifestyle change. We are very happy with the education and experience.

Mike Nicholas Sr.

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