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You CAN Lose Weight at Any Age!

By Stephanie

Have you heard people say it’s too hard to lose weight as you get older?  I think we’ve all run across articles that describe the reasons why losing weight in your 60’s, 70’s and 80’s is hard or darned near impossible.  That’s discouraging, isn’t it?  But don’t believe everything you read!   At Cōpare we work with clients, both male and female, from every age and stage of life who have successfully lost weight and have kept it off.   In fact, some of our most successful clients are in their 60’s and 70’s!   We thought it would be refreshing to share some tips from a couple of clients on what helped them be successful on their weight loss journey at Cōpare.  

First, it is true that as we age, our body composition changes.  Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Even those who remain active lose muscle mass every decade beginning in their 30s, research suggests, replacing it with fat. Muscles use up more calories than fat, so less muscle means a slower metabolism and the need for fewer calories
  • Declining levels of the sex hormones estrogen and testosterone, which typically start around the early 50s for women, with the onset of menopause, and somewhat later for men, compound the effect. 
  • Older people also tend to have more aches and pains and to be more sedentary, engaging in fewer physical activities.

Now for the great news!  Your body can and will respond to nutrition and lifestyle changes at any age!  We asked a couple of our rockstar clients in their 70’s if they had any advice to share about how to achieve great results on the Cōpare program.  Barbi Z. said this:

  • It’s never too late to begin a weight loss program, I’m 74.
  • Keep track of your food intake and weigh your portions.
  • Plan your meals!  I found that planning my food for the day helped me avoid getting “hangry”.  When I am “hangry” I’m tempted to grab the wrong thing, then I feel bad about my choice afterwards.
  • Enjoy and savor the vegetables you incorporate into your menu.  I noticed the dry patches on my elbows disappeared and found that the perfect replacement for carb loaded pasta is zucchini!

Donna R. (78 years old) shared this advice:

  • The thing that helped me the most was the support of my coach and my husband – they both encouraged me the entire way.  I think support at home is critical.  
  • I  successfully lost weight on Cōpare food and on whole foods.  It’s important not to lose muscle as you age, and Cōpare helped me maintain and increase muscle  — protein is key!

Both Barbi and Donna are Cōpare graduates (which means they have a coach for life!) and learned how to build a healthy menu and eat in a way that is sustainable for them and that allows them to maintain their weight loss.   They had a great, can-do attitude and that made all the difference.   All the coaches here at Cōpare have that same can-do spirit and are here for you when you’re ready to start your weight loss journey, no matter your age!

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