Begin your Health Journey Virtually with Copare Anywhere

Begin your 2022 Health Journey Virtually with Cōpare Anywhere

Did you know that a virtual health coaching session can be just a valuable as an in-person session?

We know you’re busy. You’re trying to be “all the things” – a good spouse, a positive role model for your children, a key contributor at your workplace and a volunteer. It seems like your personal health and wellness always come last on the list. That’s where we come in – we want to be your partner in weight loss and better health no matter where you live or how busy you are.

Here are a few of the benefits of working virtually with a health coach:

Comfort and Convenience:

You can connect with your coach whenever and from wherever its convenient for you – there’s no need to drive or even leave your house. We recommend creating a comfortable setting so you can talk with your coach openly, without being hurried or stressed. With our virtual coaching sessions, it’s also much easier to schedule and fit in a call around your other activities. Coaching can even continue when you’re traveling. With Cōpare Anywhere, you can connect with your nutrition coach from anywhere in the world.


Virtual coaching sessions allow for deeper coaching to occur. There are fewer distractions which encourages greater focus and concentration on what is being said. Listening is enhanced so the coach and client can focus deeply on the message. Virtual coaching also enables both the coach and client to take notes without impacting the flow of the session.


Unfortunately, the pandemic continues to disrupt our sense of normalcy and many of our clients feel safer and more comfortable connecting with their coach over video versus coming into one of our locations. We’ll still meet with you face to face, but you won’t need to wear a mask.


Finally, remote coaching allows for total confidentiality. Our video-conferencing platforms are completely private. Clients may feel more comfortable and secure in their own environment and the perception of distance in the interaction may facilitate a more open dialogue. Talking about difficult topics is made easier when in the privacy of your own home. It’s often helpful for the coach to see the client in their natural environment as well.

We suggest having a glass of water handy and making sure that your room is free from clutter, noise, and other distractions.  We encourage our clients to do a transition activity of breathing or mindfulness, so they’re ready to transition from what they were doing, to being fully present and ready to speak with their coach.

Find out more about our virtual heath coaching option and how it might benefit you.  Give us a call at 855-888-0180 or chat with us on our site.

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