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Cōpare coach Serena wants to share her tips for healthy living

By Serena Treworgy

My name is Serena Treworgy and I am the manager of Cōpare Rockville. I was born and raised in Rockville, Maryland, but left the area after high school and returned about 4 years ago to live with my now 93-year-old father.  I hold a B.S. in Education from West Virginia University, GO Mountaineers, and I’m also a certified ACE Health Coach and former AFFA certified Personal Trainer. I have been with the company for over 4 years and enjoy what I do. The smiles, pride, and excitement I see in my clients during and after their weight loss journey is what gives me job satisfaction.

Nutrition and fitness have interested me from a young age.  Growing up I was never the one who could eat whatever she wanted and not gain weight.  Just the opposite!  So, in my teens I started to watch what I ate, lost weight and from there, the passion began.  Over the years I have tried different methods of weight loss ranging from different diets, ways of eating and a lot of exercise.  I’ve learned a lot along the way as well.  Just exercising will not get you to where you want to be, although regular exercise is vital for all humans. Diet is number one when it comes to weight loss and starving yourself or skipping meals will backfire. As I have aged, I have become even more aware of the importance of proper nutrition, maintaining a healthy weight, resistance training, and a positive mental attitude. We live in very challenging and stressful times and staying healthy and energetic is very important to me.  I am more aware now than ever before that the lack of proper nutrition can lead to the many diseases we hear about daily. Learning how different foods and nutrients can heal and protect the body is fascinating.  The old saying, “You are what you eat,” has a lot of truth to it. 

In my free time you will find me outside walking, biking, gardening, or catching some rays on the Chesapeake Bay. I also love to read and of course I’m a regular at the gym. My children are both married and I’m looking forward to 2022 and welcoming my first grandchild. My travels have taken me around the world several times including Japan, where I lived for 3 years.  Observing other cultures and what their daily diet consists of is of great interest and I look forward to more travel in the future. 

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