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Through personalized coaching and an emphasis on macronutrition, our program is designed to help you lose weight, stay healthy, and live your best life.


With Cōpare Anywhere, we connect with you virtually making your personalized experience both comfortable and convenient.

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  • Cōpare gives you tools plus excellent counseling to achieve not only weight loss but an improved mind set. They guide you and always are there to answer questions and find... read more

    Diane Vollberg

    Cōpare is not a diet it is a life style. It has helped me and my family learn to eat and stay health. My new life style makes me... read more

    Mandy Flores

    Great staff, well educated, super friendly and supportive. If you’re wanting to lose weight and are willing to be disciplined then this is the place for you. I cannot recommend... read more

    John Knox Proctor
  • If your looking for a weight loss clinic to help you lose weight, this is the place. I researched a lot of places and settled on Cōpare. I’m going to... read more

    Tricia Adelsberger

    I lost over 50 pounds using this program, and my BMI is under 30 for the first time in like 20 years. I found it very easy to follow, especially... read more

    Terry Drosdak

    I learned of Cōpare through an ad on WMAL back in April. I decided I was done with my weight fluctuations, over the past 10 years and wanted to get... read more

    Stephanie Harris
  • I started the program back in February and have already lost 45 pounds! I'm super happy with my results! They have been very supportive during my journey. Even when I... read more

    Anna Billings

    Nancy Danos here! It works and is easy to follow and you won't be hungry! I have struggled with weight loss all my life, l am ever so happy that... read more

    N Tg

    I have been following the Cōpare program for three months. In that time I have lost 28 pounds, but more importantly I've regained my self-confidence and energy. Honestly, this is... read more

    Rebecca Kessler
  • Started Cōpare's program about a month and a half ago and have already loss over 20 pounds. They are very supportive and educational in helping me reach my goals.

    I look...
    read more

    Joshua Jones

    The staff is really encouraging and helpful throughout the weightloss journey. I’ve been doing the program mainly from a distance and the weekly phone calls/check-ins always help keep me on... read more

    C Duda

    Cōpare has been a positive lifestyle change for me where I feel good about my body and have learned how to eat healthy. The support from the nutritionist has... read more

    Cecelia Ashinhurst
  • I lost 54 pounds over the course of 9 months by using the Cōpare program. The people here are very friendly and seemed to genuinely care about my progress and... read more

    Meredith McCulley

    I’ve tried other diet programs before and never experienced the success I’ve had with Cōpare. It’s very frustrating to spend 12 weeks dieting, and only lose 12 pounds. ... read more

    Kathy Westcott

    Cōpare changed my life. Yes I lost 60 pounds but it is the confidence they gave me to keep it off as I create a new life which is most... read more

    Joseph Konen
  • I've been enrolled and working with the health coaches at Cōpare for the past 5 months. They are always supportive, never judgemental and I'm feeling better than I have in... read more

    allison barnes

    I’m so happy that I contacted Cōpare’s Woodbridge location to begin my weight loss journey!
    The program is not hard to follow & everyone on the Woodbridge Team has been super...
    read more

    Bridget Martz

    I still can't believe how easy and enjoyable this program is!! I exceeded my personal goal and with the help of my amazing coaches (Danielle and Delaney) I am totally... read more

    Karen Sullivan
  • I recently completed the program at the Woodbridge EMP location and I could not be happier with my results! I have done numerous weight loss programs in the past but... read more

    Lindsey Geer

    I turned to Emp180 to lose some weight I’d put on during Covid. Having managed my weight successfully up to that point, I saw the program simply as a way... read more

    Janet Lofgren

    The EMP Program and the team in Tysons, especially my coach, Vanessa Spiller, have been an incredible support for helping me achieve my weight loss and health goals this year.The... read more

    Jamie Saylor
  • The EMP Program and the team in Tysons, especially my coach, Vanessa Spiller, have been an incredible support for helping me achieve my weight loss and health goals this year.

    read more

    Jamie Saylor

    Great assistance and a talking point to be open about eating behavior.


    Cōpare is a great place to be because if you ever feel you want or need to make a change to your looks and feel good about yourself, they provide... read more

    Linda Grimes
  • It was a pleasure to work with Kurt! This office is top notch! I'm so happy I found them!

    Chris Huynh

    Kurt is amazing to work with! I’m so glad I found this place, they’re really helping me reach my weight loss goals! Thank you guys so much!

    Tariq Amin

    I took off over 45 pounds from December '20 to late April '21 (Vanessa was my nutritionist) at the Woodbridge facility; an excellent experience. It involved becoming committed to the... read more

    Wes Clark
  • I signed up for Cōpare in November, 2020. As of today, April 19, 2021, I have lost sixty pounds. Alexa and Kim were always helpful and always available... read more

    Larry Guest

    The people here are unfailingly cheerful and positive. They encourage, make suggestions and are very helpful in the weight loss journey. I hope to return to them in the... read more

    marilyn richert

    I went to EMP because I am having problems with high blood pressure, high blood sugar and sleep apnea. I quickly lost enough weight that I'm am now... read more

    golfer 979


We’re the only weight loss program on the market that offers a personalized and science-based approach to weight loss and total wellness. We don’t just focus on your short-term weight loss; we focus on your long-term health.


With deep experience in personalized weight loss coaching and a passion for the science of macronutrition, we are your trusted partners in total wellness.


Macronutrition is the proper balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, necessary to fuel the body. A healthy ratio of macronutrients will help balance hormones, reduce inflammation, and boost immunity resulting in optimal health.

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